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iTunes University: A Better LMS.

For the last two years I have taken my classroom website to iTunes University. The students have responded well to the new learning management system because the work flow is very simple when accessed using a student iPad. Since my transition I have been asked frequently about why I made the switch. Read below to find out more.


iTunes University allows teachers to share and collaborate with each other. Teachers are able to create profiles within the app so others can see what they teach and how to make connections.


The app allows for direct connections to social media apps, productivity apps, and more. The students can open their files directly into Notability or they can open a pdf into Explain Everything to make a video.




One of my favorite things about iTunes U is how easy it is to access from various devices. I currently work at a school that is 1:1 with iPads which makes using iTunes U very simple. The question arose about how parents, administrators and fellow teachers could gain access to the course. By downloading the app on an iOS device, anyone can have access to the course. 


The teacher of the course can edit the course from any iOS or Android device, or even just using a simple browser. The teacher can have open access to the course or they can decide to approve requests upon arrival.


Parents can see exactly what we are doing every day in class because they are viewing the exact same information that their child is seeing.

Work flow.

iTunes U allows the teacher to set up each unit or week of school as a module. As you'll see in the picture below, the students can see what is happening on each day of the week. Teachers can post videos, directions, project pdfs and images. Once the file has been opened once, the child does not need WiFi to open it again.


One of the most popular student features is the checkboxes next to assignments. Instead of having to write down their assignments and homework in another app, or in a planner, the students can make a check mark on an assignment within the iTunes U app.


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