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Personality Beakers

How do you personalize a science classroom? With Personality Beakers! Teachers give each student a beaker (1 of 3 options) to create at the beginning of the year. The students must follow these three rules; (1) your first name must be on the beaker somewhere easy to read (2) there must be lots of color (3) there is no white space allowed (4) fill the beaker with your favorite hobbies, sports, music, tv shows, movies, etc. (5) cut out the beaker. Teachers can hang or staple the beakers all over the classroom. In just a week the classroom starts to feel "like their own". I have done this activity every year since I began teaching. Parents come in at Open House and love seeing their child's personality on the wall, and students love having their work up from the first week of school. Most of our science teachers at my site now also use the beakers. Here is a template you can print out and student samples.

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