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Restorative Circles: Where I Messed Up and Why You Won't.

We hear the word "restorative" in many educational spaces. Each time I hear it, it sounds and looks different. I cannot claim to be a restorative practices expert, but I can prove with evidence how I have messed them up. I learned from my own pitfalls and missteps. I learned where I got too involved and where I didn't get involved enough. I learned about horrible questions the hard way. I learned how to cultivate voices and how I also accidentally quieted others. But, I don't mind being the guinea pig if it means students and teachers can benefit from a more refined product. So with that being said, I have experienced restorative circles in my middle school classroom for the last 3 years and am ready to share with you! In each of those 3 years, it looked, sounded and smelled different! Yes I said smelled. Have you thought about infusing lavender into your classroom? Okay that's a separate blog post. Anyway, I made a guide to help teachers start restorative circles the right way. I hope I am reaching most of you before the school year has started, or that it is still early enough for you to allot time each week to have a circle. Download the guide here, which includes directions, questions and projections (see how I rhyme?). Enjoy!

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